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Elderly Man Robs Fourth San Diego Bank!

Old Man Robs San Diego Bank

I'm old and angry!

Jesus! Look at that man! He’s old and angry! And he’s a robber! Four times! Yikes!

Via LA Times Blog:

A bank robber thought to be in his 70s has struck for a fourth time in San Diego County, law enforcement officials said.

Dressed in black hat and sunglasses, the robber presented a threatening note to a teller at the Bank of America branch in Rancho Santa Fe on Monday. He escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

The same robber is suspected of hitting banks Aug. 28 in Santee, Sept. 12 in La Jolla, and Oct. 9 in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego.

As in previous cases, the robber claimed to have a gun but none was seen, officials said.

No Tour of California Bike Race for San Diego

NOT in San Diego.

NOT in San Diego.

This sucks. I actually went to this last year. Oh well. Good job, San Diego… you have finally pissed me off with your bureaucracy.

Via 10 News:

San Diego will not be a part of next year’s Tour of California cycling race, 10News reported.

The race drew thousands of spectators to Rancho Bernardo and Escondido last year, in large part due to the presence of cyclist Lance Armstrong.

However, tour organizers said it was too difficult to obtain the permits and services necessary to operate in the area.

The city of Escondido would have had to pay $200,000 to host the race, but the cost would have been offset by tourism spending.

Marine Protection Plan Will Harm Local Jobs

Let there be fish!

Let there be fish!

Not sure if I like this or not. On one hand, I’m a bleeding-heart, environmentalist liberal… and on the other, I like supporting local businesses. I don’t really have a say in it though, soo… yeah. Check this out. Let me know what you think:

Via SignOnSanDiego:

Local fishermen and boat captains are on the hook to lose much of their financial catch because of a program to help protect more marine life along the coast.

No matter which of the three proposals state wildlife officials select, San Diego’s passenger fishing fleet and commercial fishermen will suffer disproportionately. Closures of near-shore angling areas could slash profits for passenger boats in the city by up to 40 percent — roughly twice the Southern California average, according to a state-sponsored report.

Commercial fishermen in Oceanside, the county’s other main harbor town, could see profits plunge by more than 28 percent. That’s worse than the drop for San Diego and any other Southern California city listed in the report, which was prepared by the nonprofit environmental analysis group Ecotrust.

The large local toll is because many of the most ecologically important zones along the county’s coastline are heavily used by anglers. The main proposed closures are off Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs.

Advocates for marine protected areas said the projected fiscal fallout is overblown. They’re confident that fishermen will quickly find new spots and that expanded no-harvest zones will boost ocean productivity, including more fish — and revenue — for anglers.

Suspect in his 70s Robs San Diego Bank

Stick em up!

Stick em up!

Now, I’m not condoning robbery, but this guy is awesome! I really would like to rob a bank when I’m in my 70s. Why not? It would be fun.

Via Google News:

A man in his 70s has robbed a bank branch inside a San Diego supermarket.

Police investigators say the man handed a teller a note demanding cash Friday at the U.S. Bank inside a Vons supermarket in the Carmel Valley neighborhood. The man said he had a gun, but no weapon was seen.

He escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Investigators say the suspect may be responsible for similar robberies at banks in La Jolla and Santee in August and September. In one robbery, a suspect with a similar description was carrying an oxygen tank.

SeaWorld Sold to The Blackstone Group

I hope this is a good thing. Most people are saying this won’t hurt the park, but I have my doubts. SeaWorld just won’t be as cool now that it’s not being run by a beer company. Oh well.



Via The Examiner:

Anheuser-Busch InBev agreed to sell its 10 theme parks across the county, including SeaWorld in San Diego to the Blackstone Group.

Blackstone, the private equity firm will purchase all of the theme parks for $2.3 billion in cash and give AB InBev’s Busch Entertainment Corporation (BEC) the right to $400 million of Blackstone’s initial returns.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with a buyer who understand the industry and has a strategic vision for the business,” said AB InBev chief executive Carlos Brito. “We have great respect for BEC’s management and employees and know they will continue to prosper under Blackstone’s ownership.”

Blackstone said it plans to invest and grow the company.

Panda Fans Get Chance to Help Name Cub

Hey… you know that Panda that was born a few months ago? Yeah? Well… you can help name it! I don’t think I’ll be joining in on this, but you can if you want to. Check it out:

I love Pandas...

I love Pandas...

Via SignOnSanDiego.Com:

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo will have an opportunity to name the newest giant panda cub, now 2 months old.

Following Chinese tradition, the male cub will get a name after 100 days.

Between Saturday and Oct. 19, the zoo is asking the community to visit the Giant Panda Research Station to suggest a name. The names should be in Chinese (Pinyin), have an English translation, be symbolic in meaning and be delivered in person.

After the 10-day period, the zoo’s panda team will choose several of the suggestions.

The Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association will then review the selected names. Once approved, the names will be posted on the zoo’s Web site ( and its Facebook page for a final vote by the global community.

Zoo officials say to check the Web site for updates on when to vote online. The name that receives the most votes will be announced at a ceremony Nov. 17.

Brett Favre is a Douche Bag

So lame... so very lame...

So lame... so very lame...

Stupid Steelers. Bah! Anyway… Brett Favre. Yeah. I know this game has got nothing to do with the Chargers, but it’s exciting so… whatever. Yeah… I’ve never really like the guy, but he was (and kind of still is) a badass football player. I still can’t decide who I want to win tonight. Should be fun though!

Via SignOnSanDiego.Com:

Brett Favre’s presence in Minnesota Vikings’ purple galls most fans in Packers Nation. And the nausea level among Cheeseheads could be off the charts Monday night if Favre leads his latest team past the one he quarterbacked so successfully for so long.

Even worse for Packer backers is that a Minnesota win would put the Vikings at 4-0 and Green Bay at 2-2. With Chicago also in the mix in the suddenly potent NFC North, the Packers could be chasing two archrivals the rest of the season.

The only way this matchup could grab more headlines is if it took place at Lambeau Field. That won’t happen until Nov. 1. Still, there’s plenty of intrigue for a game that even ESPN can’t overhype.

Favre is the reason, of course. This is his chance to get back at an organization he epitomized for 16 seasons, but which he felt forced him to make a retirement decision before he was ready last year. That led to his dance in and out of retirement.