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Fantastic San Diego Movers!

san diego movers

Great San Diego Movers

So, one of my friends was moving from Poway to Escondido and needed some movers.  He asked me to help him find some, so I went to my favorite review site… YELP! Man, oh, man, do I love Yelp. I really need to start writing reviews on my Yelp account. Excellent resource.

Anyway. If you go to Yelp and search for movers in San Diego, you’ll immediately notice the listing for Priority Moving. They’ve got 29 reviews with a four and a half star rating! That’s awesome!

Let me tell you something… they were great! I don’t plan on moving soon, but when I do… Priority Moving will move me! Also… they’ve got a San Diego Movers blog. How about that. A moving company with a blog… weird. And! Priority Moving is on Twitter! Man… I love these guys.


San Diego Zoo Baby Panda Has Been Named Yun Zi!

baby panda name chosen in san diego zoo

Awww! I love you!

Yay! Yun Zi was the name I voted for! I really thought it was the best name, and I’m so glad it won! I am definitely going to go visit the zoo as soon as he is on display. Check it out:

Via Los Angeles Times Local:

The suspense is over: In a ceremony Tuesday, San Diego Zoo officials announced the recently selected name of the giant panda cub born there in August. (In accordance with Chinese tradition, the cub couldn’t be officially named until he was 100 days old.)

The zoo held a contest to allow members of the public to submit name suggestions for the cub, a healthy male born to mother Bai Yun and father Gao Gao.  Once the submission period closed Oct. 19, zoo staff members selected their five favorite names from more than 6,000 offered by panda fans, which then had to be approved by the Chinese Wildlife Conservation Assn.

That done, the zoo turned once again to the public to decide on the cub’s name, allowing visitors to its website and Facebook fan page to cast their votes for one of the five  finalists: Xiao Long (“Little Dragon”), Xiong Wei (“Extraordinary Bear”), Fu Sheng (“Blissful San Diego”), Yong Xiang (“Eternally Blessed”) and Yun Zi (“Son of Cloud”).

According to the zoo, nearly 18,000 votes were received during the voting period, and the winning name received 28% of the vote.  That name is… Yun Zi.

The winning name, Yun Zi, is significant because it honors mother panda Bai Yun (her name translates to “White Cloud”).  According to Yadira Galindo, a senior public relations representative for the zoo, the voting nearly went another way, with 26% of voters selecting Xiao Long (“Little Dragon”) instead.  Xiong Wei (“Extraordinary Bear”) received 20% of the vote.

Zoo staff describe Bai Yun as an excellent mother; she’s given birth to four older cubs (Hua Mei, Mei Sheng, Su Lin and Zhen Zhen) since arriving at the zoo as part of a scientific exchange with China in 1996.  The oldest of Bai Yun’s cubs, Hua Mei, was the first giant panda born in North America to survive to adulthood.  Since 2004, she’s resided at her mother’s birthplace, the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center, where she’s given birth to six cubs — three sets of twins, a rarity for pandas.

Zoo officials and a Chinese diplomat announced late last year that China’s loan of Bai Yun and Gao Gao to the San Diego Zoo would be extended for an additional five years.

San Diego Freeway Reopens After Paint Spill

paint spill in san diego

Oh noes!

Ha! This is awesome! One of my coworkers actually saw the paint on the highway. They said it was really weird and confusing. A lot of it covered up the lane markers so everyone was driving slow. Yikes!

Via Mercury News:

The California Highway Patrol has reopened a major freeway connector in San Diego after cleaning up about 200 gallons of paint that spilled off a truck.

The CHP said Monday that about 40 buckets of white paint fell off the truck’s flatbed as the driver rounded a curve onto eastbound Interstate 8 from northbound state Highway 163.

Officer Jesse Udovich says the connector reopened shortly before 2 p.m., about six hours after the spill occurred during morning rush hour. No injuries were reported.

San Diego Beer Week is Amazing!

san diego beer fest

Yay beer!

I have really been enjoying the San Diego Beer Week. Go to some of the events. I have been to a few and have loved all of them. Check it out:

Via San Diego News Network:

San Diego may be known for its perfect weather, awesome swells and fried Baja-style fish tacos. Now it’s getting attention for its beer. With a whopping 33 breweries producing craft beer, San Diego was recently crowned the top beer city in the country by Men’s Journal. It’s time to party with our first ever San Diego Beer Week.

This 10-day beer fest, which celebrates and promotes San Diego’s successful craft beer culture, will host over 200 beer events throughout the county, ranging from classes on how to make your own beer to micro brewery tours and tastings. Festivities kicked off Friday night and will run through Sunday, Nov. 15.

“San Diego’s beer community is so strong in all aspects,” said Colby Chandler, Ballast Point brewer and president of the San Diego Brewers Guild.  ”From home brew clubs to professional brewers and owners, we are really committed to producing the best craft beers possible. And SDBW is a 10-day celebration of our local craft beers.”

Whether you’re a beer newbie or a connoisseur, Grant Krieger of Green Flash Brewery assures that “there’s a beer out there for everybody.”

And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste your way to the perfect beer.

“We hope to educate people about beer in all aspects-how it’s made, how to pair it with food, how to choose a style of beer that you truly like,” he said.

For a full list of SDBW events, visit

82 Healthy Sea Turtles Hatched at SeaWorld

Baby Sea Turtle at SeaWorld in San Diego, California

Wittle babies!

Aw! Little baby sea turtles!

I don’t think people realize that SeaWorld actually helps animals in addition to using them for entertainment. Kudos to SeaWorld for this. Yippie!

Via SignOnSanDiego:

The population of endangered green sea turtles at SeaWorld in San Diego grew by 82 in October when the eggs hatched on Shipwreck Beach without human help.

There hasn’t been such happy turtle news at SeaWorld since 2003, when 21 sea turtles got an assist from park staff, said Tim Downing, assistant curator of fishes.

This time, the park let nature take its course and didn’t incubate the eggs. The babies started poking through their ping pong-sized eggs on Oct. 5. Since then, they have been getting a diet of squid, krill, shrimp and special pellets.

The birth of the baby turtles was announced Monday. Downing said they are in excellent health and should go on display at the park before the end of the year.

It will be up to the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine whether the new turtles stay at SeaWorld and whether they will allow the turtles to mate again next year, he said.