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2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

san diego fashion show

Yes, please.

You should check out this article. It’s pretty funny and he makes a good point. I mean… what bar wouldn’t get a whole shit load of guys to come in if they were having a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on all of their HDTV’s in High Definition???

Via Examiner:

Free publicity, unlimited exposure (yeah, I know), if any bar in San Diego decided to host a 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show viewing party, this is where your unsolicited, and wholly and gratis advertisement would appear.

The bill promoting the event would stand where this one does; the centerpiece of a review promoting your business, giving your address, and featuring the kind of refined (yeah, again, I know) and alluring photo illustrations that draw the countless masses, even if they aren’t exactly the type of people you want frequenting your bar.

Alas, a thorough (read Google) search reveals no such event this side of Las Vegas, and we are thus resigned, though proud, to use this space to promote the viewing party taking place at the Southern Hospitality BBQ, in New York City, this evening.  This shall, however, serve as notice for the entire Southwestern region of the United States that space is available for all future events, including, and especially the 2010 fashion show.