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Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope

comic-con-san-diego-chewbacca Oh man, I wish I could enter this, but I am no where near nerdy enough to win. I can’t wait to see who wins and watch the movie. Comic Con is going to be amazing.

Via Deb’s Manga Blog:

Are you putting the finishing touches on your awesome costume for San Diego Comic-Con in July? Put down your glue-gun for a sec and take a moment to contact the folks putting together the Comic-Con documentary with director Morgan Spurlock, producer Thomas Tull, comic book icon Stan Lee, writer/producer Joss Whedon, and film guru Harry Knowles (Ain’t It Cool News) — they want to hear from you, and maybe include you in their film.

If the name Morgan Spurlock sounds slightly familiar, it should — Spurlock was the director of the critically acclaimed documentary Super-Size Me and the FX Network series 30 Days.  Now, he’s setting his sights on documenting the wild and wonderful world of San Diego Comic-Con, in Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, a documentary starring the fans, comics creators and yes, the cosplayers who help make this event the must-see/must-do event on the U.S. comics scene calendar.


Flooded Fishing Boat Passengers Rescued

boat-sinking Yikes. It’s like a mini Titanic. Bowling ball sized hole in the hull caused the whole thing to go down. I’m glad everyone is okay.

Via The Associated Press:

Police and U.S. Coast Guard officers rescued 26 people Friday from a charter fishing boat that was flooding after damaging its hull in Mexican waters south of San Diego, authorities said.

A mayday call was received at 1:20 a.m. from the 62-foot Sea Adventure II, which was taking on water near South Coronado Island some 15 miles south of San Diego, and a helicopter and search boat were launched, Coast Guard Petty Officer Henry Dunphy said in a statement.

San Diego Harbor police and the Coast Guard rescued 22 of the people on board, and four crew members helped the Coast Guard use pumps to keep the vessel afloat until it reached port, Dunphy said.

Phil Lobred, owner of H and M Landing where the boat docked, said the vessel hit a rock that left a bowling ball-size hole in the hull.

The Coast Guard was investigating the circumstances of the incident, Dunphy said. Field sobriety tests on the crew came back negative and drug tests were pending, he said.

Investigators were interviewing crew members and examining the boat’s damage, Dunphy said.

Mexican authorities were notified of the incident, he said.

Calls to Sea Adventure 80 Sportfishing Co., which operates the boat, were not immediately returned.

More Bee Swarms Spotted Around San Diego

honey-bee Now this is scary! I actually have a friend who was close to one of these things. I mean… what’s more terrifying than a swarm of bees flying at you!??! I certainly don’t know.

Via Southwest Riverside News Network:

Authorities continue to deal with another big swarm of bees today, following a week in which a man died from stings and two law enforcement officers were repeatedly stung, police said.

Today’s swarm was reported just before 9 a.m. in an area adjacent to Lake View Park in Scripps Ranch, San Diego police Officer Jane Jacobsen said.

Two San Diego police officers were stung by bees as they searched a Morena District canyon for an auto theft suspect on Saturday. One officer was stung 20-30 times, Officer Mack Blazok said.

Marco Tulio Lazaro, 54, was chased by thousands of bees when he accidentally disturbed their hive while working on Wed. at the Wiegand Ranch off Manchester Avenue in Encinitas. He was stung more than 500 times and was found in a portable restroom in full cardiac arrest, authorities said.

Lazaro, who was allergic to the venom from bee stings, was later pronounced dead in a hospital.

About 80 percent of the bees in San Diego County are Africanized honey bees, which defend their hives aggressively if disturbed, attacking and stinging in much greater numbers than other varieties.

However, county officials said the number of reported bee attacks is down in recent years, and the average person who is not allergic can survive a large amount of stings.

First Lady Michelle Obama Salutes Military at Camp Pendleton

michelle-obama-san-diego Well hey, this is cool. Having Camp Pendleton so close is really great and it was very nice of the first lady to come and show the nation’s appreciation for all of our service men and women!

Via Examiner:

Michelle Obama spent Sunday afternoon at Camp Pendleton, along with Sen. Barbara Boxer, to advocate for American military families.

Administration officials told ABC’s 7 that the first lady met with Marines and their loved ones privately after making a public address. The Senator’s office reported that Boxer, too, met privately with military family members to express appreciation for their service.

A “national call to action” has been declared by the Obama Administration in response to the challenges specifically affecting the families of service men and women. Obama wishes to motivate members of the military and their families toward continued commitment to service; and to encourage them to focus on their strengths and skills.

An aide for Obama told KABC that this will ensure that members of the military get their voices heard within the administration. By being sensitive to the concerns voiced by military men and women, stronger civilian-military ties can be established in the community.

As a psychology student, it is easy to assert that this campaign of advocacy might just-well-be a measure taken to renew commitment on behalf of the military men and women who need to be validated and emphasized with so that they remain open to future goal-focus.

This is how program facilitators accomplish getting everyone to “stick to the program;” and this must be a technique being applied on the level of the U.S. Military.

San Diego wants to thank our service men and women – and all those from elsewhere in the Nation – who serve to protect America.

Thank you to all the children across America missing their fathers on Father’s Day.

By being a part of what is sacrificed – by you kids missing-out on that which the rest of us Americans are busy enjoying, like spending time with Dad on Dad’s Day – you are as much a hero as your parents.

It is you and yours who tolerate the rest of us going-on about our business, while military families are having to hold things together.

May it be a hero’s blessing that soothes you, each night you close your eyes.

Jerk Cyclist Hits a Woman Walking Her Dog and Runs

highwheeler What the heck is wrong with people? I know I say that a lot, but come on! This is so horrible. I hope this lady is okay.

Via Mercury News:

A 22-year-old woman walking her dog in San Diego has been hospitalized after an apparent hit and run accident with a bicyclist.

San Diego police Officer Dino Delimitros says the woman was struck from behind by the cyclist early Monday in the Torrey Pines area.

He says the woman was knocked to the ground and is believed to have suffered a fractured skull.

Delimitros says the cyclist fled the scene.

Whole Bunch of People Arrested in Downtown San Diego

down-town-san-diego-drug-bust Looks like the cops got 43 drug dealers. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean… the current drug dealers are pretty horrible. If we would only legalize all the drugs we could regulate the sale of drugs. It’s just like the alcohol ban. Mafia then… gangs and cartles now. Bah.

Via Mercury News:

San Diego police have arrested 43 individuals accused of dealing drugs in downtown neighborhoods.

The individuals are charged with felonies for selling rock cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in following a two-month sweep.

Police say some of the suspects are affiliated with street gangs, 14 are on active parole and 10 are on probation.

More details are expected from police on Monday.


san-diego-geezer-bandit This man is crazy! I don’t know how this dude has gotten away with this so many times. I guess it’s because he’s old and people just assume that he’s not capable of doing anything this terrible. I hope they catch the bastard.

Via Mercury News:

FBI officials are chalking up another San Diego-area bank job to the gray-haired robbery suspect they’ve nicknamed the "Geezer Bandit."

The bureau says the man, who wears prescription glasses and appears to be in his 70s, pulled off his 10th heist since August Monday at a US Bank branch in Poway. He’s accused us handing a teller a demand note while threatening her with a revolver, then fleeing with an undisclosed sum of cash.

The suspect is believed responsible for holding up banks in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Vista and other San Diego-area locations.

Law enforcement officials are asking for the public’s help to identify him. Authorities also are offering $16,000 in rewards for information that leads to his arrest and conviction.