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Museum Trying to Obtain Space Shuttle

space-ship I’m not a huge fan of the museum, but this would definitely entice me enough to actually go check it out again.

Via Sign on San Diego:

The San Diego Air & Space Museum wants to snag one of the space shuttles that NASA is parting with.

As the saying goes, though, “Houston, we have a problem.” Actually, the museum faces several problems: The shuttle’s price tag is $29 million, and just a few years ago, the Balboa Park-based museum was operating in the red. The facility also isn’t big enough to house the shuttle, so the signature showpiece would have to be displayed somewhere else.

And competition for the orbiters is steep. About 20 other museums across the country, including ones in New York City and Los Angeles, are gunning for the three available shuttles.

Still …

“You have to throw your hat into the ring,” said Jim Kidrick, president and CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum. “It would be the cornerstone for something truly great. In my opinion, it’s better than the football stadium.”

Funding would have to come from people willing to bring something this special to San Diego, he said. A shuttle represents the best of humanity’s technology, he noted, and there are local residents who have amassed great fortunes thanks to their technological innovation. There also are aerospace companies with ties to San Diego that may be interested in helping.

Kidrick is forming a team that will work to spur interest and investment in the project. “We’re in the explorative stage,” he said.

Read the rest of the article about the space ship here.

San Diego Making Health a Priority

health This sounds like it’s going to be a great use of the money from the recovery act. Increasing the health of our citizens will help out with all kinds of things and being healthy is always a good thing.

Via California Healthline:

Bolstered by one of the largest American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants in the country, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in July approved a 10-year plan to improve the health of San Diegans.

Taking aim at childhood obesity and preventable deaths resulting from heart and respiratory conditions, diabetes and cancer, the county Health and Human Services Agency will implement policies to help communities improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce tobacco use. The $16.1 million dollar federal grant will support this effort.

Although the county’s public health overhaul is in line with the goals of the federal health reform law, plans were well under way here before it was clear that legislation would pass, according to HHSA Director Nick Macchione. Beginning in 2008, HHSA embarked on a two-year evaluation of public, physical and behavioral health to determine how "these three big areas tie together in terms of the total health of people we serve and the community," Macchione said. 

HHSA currently serves approximately 500,000 people annually through the combination of health and social services programs, making it one of the largest such agencies in the country.

Apple Moths are Attacking San Diego!

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%Accumulated%=0 Well… they are attacking the agriculture business in San Diego. Not very exciting, but interesting. These things are apparently pretty nasty and are probably gonna cause millions of dollars in damage. Yikes.

Via Greenhouse Magazine:

Four adult light brown apple moths (Epiphyas postvittana Walker) have been discovered in a trap set 1 mile east of San Diego’s Balboa Park. The discovery will trigger a state “interior” quarantine of 1.5 miles around the site and a subsequent federal quarantine that could cover the rest of the county.

Calif. Dept. of Food and Agriculture and USDA have placed an additional 300 traps in the 9 square miles surrounding, the find site. San Diego County Agricultural Commission Robert Atkins said the public could help by not moving any plants or produce and by allowing traps to be placed on their property. The county has had 1,000 traps in urban areas of San Diego County since April 2007.

Native to Australia, the moth, which does not have any natural enemies and is considered invasive, has been found in other parts of the state. The larvae feed on the leaves and fruit of more than 2,000 plants including ornamental plants such as rose, chrysanthemum, dahlia, and trees including oak, willow, poplar and walnut.

The county is conducting a survey of growers to determine the impact the quarantine will have on San Diego agricultural producers. An informational meeting for San Diego growers and farmers will be held on Aug. 10 in Fallbrook, Calif.

Man Stabs Wife and Child with Scissors!

scissors What the heck is wrong the world today? This kind of stuff seems to be happening more and more often and it pisses me off. What is responsible for this? Our media? I don’t know, but it needs to stop.

Via San Diego Mercury News:

Police say an enraged San Diego man has been arrested for plunging scissors into the chest of his wife and cutting his 7-year-old son.

Officer Dino Delimitros says the 40-year-old man’s wife called 911 just before 1 a.m. Monday to report she had just been stabbed.

The man, whose name hasn’t been released, barricaded himself in the home but surrendered and was arrested when police threatened to send in police dogs.

The woman and her son were taken to a hospital and they are expected to survive.

The woman has two puncture wounds and the boy has a cut hand.

Coldest July in Almost One Hundred Years

cold-weather Call me crazy, but I just didn’t feel it. Maybe I was indoors too much or out on the beach, but I really didn’t notice that it was that cold.

Via 760 KFMB AM:

It was anything but a scorching hot July in San Diego.

The National Weather Service says San Diego had the coolest month of July in nearly 100 years.

The average high temperature for July at Lindbergh Field was a little more than 69 degrees. That’s the coolest since 1916 and the fifth lowest on record.

The only break from the cool weather in July came during a mid-month heat wave that sent temperatures soaring into the 80’s downtown and 90’s for inland areas.

In Mission Beach, most people said they weren’t too thrilled by July’s cool weather.

Do You Need Storage Units in San Diego?

airpark09 Are you moving to the greater San Diego area and are looking for a place to store your excess stuff? Are you moving from a large house to a smaller one in San Diego and just can’t fit everything in? Self storage is going to be what you need.

Storage units in San Diego can be very beneficial to those with basements or attics that are either full of junk or not able to be stored anymore. For example, a basement may be too damp or could possibly flood. Valuable antiques can’t be stored safely in a basement that can possibly be flooded at any moment. Furthermore, an attic may not be good for storage due to lack of safe access or maybe it’s already full with items. Secure, cleanly, storage units can prove useful to anyone whose storage capacities are not reliable.

You’ll want to make sure that the facility has a good security system. It is of prime importance that you store your belongings in a place that you trust can protect your most cherished valuables. Some features that you should ask about are CCTVs, a continuous monitoring and surveillance system, a working fire and theft alarm, and the quality of storage manager. Resident managers are the best as they are always on site and have a vested interest in keeping the storage units in San Diego safe and secure.

Also be sure to ask about pest control. The San Diego area is notorious for it’s rat and insect infestations, but with proper and consistent pest control, you won’t have to worry about that at all. In addition to the facility provided pest control, you would be sure to thoroughly clean all of the items you plan on storing before putting them in your unit. There could possibly be food residue on some of your items and that is what will attract the pests. You can also add mothballs and use cedar blocks to keep moths away from your possessions.

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