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Floatopia in San Diego Might Be Killed!

san diego floatopia drinking ban This agression will not stand! Hell no! I can’t believe they are possibly going to ban offshore drinking and effectively kill the wonderful gathering of drunks known as Floatopia! Well… actually I can. The city council is full of idiots.

Via Associated Press:

San Diego’s City Council may let the air out of so-called "floatopia" parties where people booze it up on inner tubes offshore.

The council meets this afternoon to consider closing a loophole in the city’s ban on the beach use of alcohol.

Officials say people have been skirting the law by gathering by the thousands to party in Mission Bay on surfboards, inner tubes and other flotation devices.

Authorities say partygoers have left trash in the water and lifeguards have had to make dozens of rescuers.

The City Council will consider banning alcohol use offshore except for people on boats.

Floatopia 2010 in San Diego Was Awesome!

So much fun! Floatopia was so good this year. Lots of fun. Seriously. Check this out:

San Diego Floatopia 2010

Floatopia was Amazing! San Diego FTW!

Via SignOnSanDiego:

Some 6,000 revelers showed up Saturday, March 20, 2010, for a floating party — dubbed “Floatopia” — off Fanuel Street Park in Pacific Beach. Drinking offshore let participants avoid the city’s 2-year-old beach alcohol ban.

Already looking forward to next year!

San Diego Beer Week is Amazing!

san diego beer fest

Yay beer!

I have really been enjoying the San Diego Beer Week. Go to some of the events. I have been to a few and have loved all of them. Check it out:

Via San Diego News Network:

San Diego may be known for its perfect weather, awesome swells and fried Baja-style fish tacos. Now it’s getting attention for its beer. With a whopping 33 breweries producing craft beer, San Diego was recently crowned the top beer city in the country by Men’s Journal. It’s time to party with our first ever San Diego Beer Week.

This 10-day beer fest, which celebrates and promotes San Diego’s successful craft beer culture, will host over 200 beer events throughout the county, ranging from classes on how to make your own beer to micro brewery tours and tastings. Festivities kicked off Friday night and will run through Sunday, Nov. 15.

“San Diego’s beer community is so strong in all aspects,” said Colby Chandler, Ballast Point brewer and president of the San Diego Brewers Guild.  ”From home brew clubs to professional brewers and owners, we are really committed to producing the best craft beers possible. And SDBW is a 10-day celebration of our local craft beers.”

Whether you’re a beer newbie or a connoisseur, Grant Krieger of Green Flash Brewery assures that “there’s a beer out there for everybody.”

And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste your way to the perfect beer.

“We hope to educate people about beer in all aspects-how it’s made, how to pair it with food, how to choose a style of beer that you truly like,” he said.

For a full list of SDBW events, visit


Holy crap… why was I not at Floatopia??? I love San Diego.

Via… Arkansas Matters? Weird.

Thousands of people managed to find a way around a San Diego ban on booze at city beaches during the holiday weekend.

The “San Diego Union-Tribune” reports an estimated 25-hundred people took floats, inner tubes and pretty much anything that would float out beyond the surf line Saturday, then tied their watercraft together.

The beer reportedly flowed freely and the instant community was christened “Floatopia.”

The law, enacted following a holiday riot involving drunken holiday revelers and police, only applies to alcoholic beverages being consumed on beaches, not on the ocean.

San Diego police did arrest several people on suspicion of public drunkenness charges after the flotilla came ashore.

A few citations were issued for littering and having open containers of booze on the beach.

San Diego is beautiful...

San Diego is beautiful...

So awesome! Why in the world would the city try and ban booze at the beaches? Is San Diego run by a bunch of old grumpy white men or what?? Damn… still mad I wasn’t there. I mean, just look at it!

Ha! Check out this comment left by cj138 at The Santa Barbara Independant’s website about their story:

Horror of Horrors! Young people having fun and enjoying themselves in a sea-side university town. Quick! Call the anti-fun police before it starts to spread.