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First Lady Michelle Obama Salutes Military at Camp Pendleton

michelle-obama-san-diego Well hey, this is cool. Having Camp Pendleton so close is really great and it was very nice of the first lady to come and show the nation’s appreciation for all of our service men and women!

Via Examiner:

Michelle Obama spent Sunday afternoon at Camp Pendleton, along with Sen. Barbara Boxer, to advocate for American military families.

Administration officials told ABC’s 7 that the first lady met with Marines and their loved ones privately after making a public address. The Senator’s office reported that Boxer, too, met privately with military family members to express appreciation for their service.

A “national call to action” has been declared by the Obama Administration in response to the challenges specifically affecting the families of service men and women. Obama wishes to motivate members of the military and their families toward continued commitment to service; and to encourage them to focus on their strengths and skills.

An aide for Obama told KABC that this will ensure that members of the military get their voices heard within the administration. By being sensitive to the concerns voiced by military men and women, stronger civilian-military ties can be established in the community.

As a psychology student, it is easy to assert that this campaign of advocacy might just-well-be a measure taken to renew commitment on behalf of the military men and women who need to be validated and emphasized with so that they remain open to future goal-focus.

This is how program facilitators accomplish getting everyone to “stick to the program;” and this must be a technique being applied on the level of the U.S. Military.

San Diego wants to thank our service men and women – and all those from elsewhere in the Nation – who serve to protect America.

Thank you to all the children across America missing their fathers on Father’s Day.

By being a part of what is sacrificed – by you kids missing-out on that which the rest of us Americans are busy enjoying, like spending time with Dad on Dad’s Day – you are as much a hero as your parents.

It is you and yours who tolerate the rest of us going-on about our business, while military families are having to hold things together.

May it be a hero’s blessing that soothes you, each night you close your eyes.