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Apple Moths are Attacking San Diego!

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%Accumulated%=0 Well… they are attacking the agriculture business in San Diego. Not very exciting, but interesting. These things are apparently pretty nasty and are probably gonna cause millions of dollars in damage. Yikes.

Via Greenhouse Magazine:

Four adult light brown apple moths (Epiphyas postvittana Walker) have been discovered in a trap set 1 mile east of San Diego’s Balboa Park. The discovery will trigger a state “interior” quarantine of 1.5 miles around the site and a subsequent federal quarantine that could cover the rest of the county.

Calif. Dept. of Food and Agriculture and USDA have placed an additional 300 traps in the 9 square miles surrounding, the find site. San Diego County Agricultural Commission Robert Atkins said the public could help by not moving any plants or produce and by allowing traps to be placed on their property. The county has had 1,000 traps in urban areas of San Diego County since April 2007.

Native to Australia, the moth, which does not have any natural enemies and is considered invasive, has been found in other parts of the state. The larvae feed on the leaves and fruit of more than 2,000 plants including ornamental plants such as rose, chrysanthemum, dahlia, and trees including oak, willow, poplar and walnut.

The county is conducting a survey of growers to determine the impact the quarantine will have on San Diego agricultural producers. An informational meeting for San Diego growers and farmers will be held on Aug. 10 in Fallbrook, Calif.


Do You Need Storage Units in San Diego?

airpark09 Are you moving to the greater San Diego area and are looking for a place to store your excess stuff? Are you moving from a large house to a smaller one in San Diego and just can’t fit everything in? Self storage is going to be what you need.

Storage units in San Diego can be very beneficial to those with basements or attics that are either full of junk or not able to be stored anymore. For example, a basement may be too damp or could possibly flood. Valuable antiques can’t be stored safely in a basement that can possibly be flooded at any moment. Furthermore, an attic may not be good for storage due to lack of safe access or maybe it’s already full with items. Secure, cleanly, storage units can prove useful to anyone whose storage capacities are not reliable.

You’ll want to make sure that the facility has a good security system. It is of prime importance that you store your belongings in a place that you trust can protect your most cherished valuables. Some features that you should ask about are CCTVs, a continuous monitoring and surveillance system, a working fire and theft alarm, and the quality of storage manager. Resident managers are the best as they are always on site and have a vested interest in keeping the storage units in San Diego safe and secure.

Also be sure to ask about pest control. The San Diego area is notorious for it’s rat and insect infestations, but with proper and consistent pest control, you won’t have to worry about that at all. In addition to the facility provided pest control, you would be sure to thoroughly clean all of the items you plan on storing before putting them in your unit. There could possibly be food residue on some of your items and that is what will attract the pests. You can also add mothballs and use cedar blocks to keep moths away from your possessions.

Storage West is recognized for convenient & secure self storage units in San Diego and is a regional storage company committed to providing a quality storage experience. They have an unmatched tradition of delivering outstanding customer service and value. If you are looking for self storage, mini storage, moving boxes, or packaging supplies, then Storage West can serve you all these services with a smile. Be sure to check out all five storage locations in the greater San Diego area.

Port of San Diego Fires Corrput Lobbyist

port-of-san-diego It’s good to see the local government actually taking action against these crooked employees.

Via Tony Barboza at The Los Angeles Times:

The head of the port agency said Susan McCabe, who was trying to secure the vote of Coastal Commission members for a development project on the city’s waterfront, is being replaced.

A lobbyist who boasted in e-mails about "spoon feeding" a California coastal commissioner while attempting to secure his vote on a controversial project has been fired by the Port of San Diego.

In a letter to Coastal Commission members Friday, Robert "Dukie" Valderrama, chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners, wrote that he was "appalled" by what the port’s hired lobbyist, Susan McCabe, said in her e-mails. He said she was no longer under contract and was being replaced.

"In her zeal to be a winning advocate, she acted in poor taste, something that the Port of San Diego does not condone," Valderrama wrote. "For that, we are deeply sorry."

The apology was made after The Times reported on e-mails between McCabe and port officials detailing efforts to convince Commissioner Patrick Kruer to vote in favor of the multimillion-dollar project to revamp the downtown San Diego waterfront, a proposal ultimately rejected by the divided panel.

Be sure to read the rest of the article.

San Diego Might Get a New Library

san-diego-library Let’s hope the city council approves this project. Our current library is just pathetic and we could really use an upgrade.


San Diego City Council will make what could be an historic decision Monday — they’ll vote on whether to go ahead with a new downtown library. Civic leaders have been talking about replacing the city’s central library for 30 years.

The current building is more then 50 years old. Library director Deborah Barrow says it’s too small and isn’t able to serve the needs of the diverse community that has grown around it in the past five decades.

Barrow says now more then ever, San Diego is relying on its libraries.

“In fiscal year 2009 San Diego public library reached its highest use ever in our 128 year history,” Barrows said.

The new library would cost $185 million and is a public-private venture. About $120 million would come from taxpayers, the other $60 million from private donations. So far, $30 million has been raised in the private sector.

Comic Con Given Lots of Money to Stay

I think this is a good thing for San Diego. Comic Con rocks and brings in so much press attention and tourism dollars. Totally worth it.

san diego comic con

Sweet deal!

Via San Diego News Network:

A San Diego nonprofit tourism agency is offering Comic-Con organizers $500,000 in perks over five years to keep in event in town.

Los Angeles and Anaheim tourism officials have made pitches to land to popular event, which started out as a comic book fair in 1970 and morphed into a super hero for convention bookers.

Comic-Con, set for July 22-25, now draws more than 125,000 attendees each summer.

At the urging of the San Diego Convention Center officials and Mayor Jerry Sanders, the nonprofit Tourism Marking District agreed to budget $100,000 annually over a five-year period for Comic-Con, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Hoteliers formed the coalition three years ago to boost tourism with money raised by a 2 percent surcharge on city hotel rooms.

The offer is meant to help defray shuttle costs during the four-day event, among other things.

A decision about convention’s future home is expected within the next few weeks. Anaheim and Los Angeles tourism officials have made proposals to land Comic-Con, beginning in 2013.

Live long and prosper, San Diego Comic Con!

Carnival Starts New Cruises to the Mexican Riviera from San Diego


I might have to hit one of these new cruises up. Sounds like a whole bunch of fun.

Via USA Today Cruise Log:

Industry giant Carnival is making a big change to its Mexican Riviera cruises out of San Diego for the coming winter.

The line today announced the 2,124-passenger Carnival Spirit, which operates seasonally out of San Diego, will switch from eight-night Mexican Riviera voyages out of the city to alternating five- and nine-night voyages.

Carnival says the five-night voyages, notably, will include a single, two-day stop in Cabo San Lucas. The nine-night voyages also will have a two-day call in Cabo San Lucas as well as day stops in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and La Paz — the first time the latter has been featured as a regular stop on a Carnival itinerary.

Carnival says the two-day visits to Cabo San Lucas are being added based on feedback from passengers who have been wanting more time in the destination.

The nine-night cruises will depart on Fridays and return on Sundays. The five-night cruises will sail Sundays through Fridays.

The Carnival Spirit will offer the new itineraries from Dec. 10, 2010 to April 1, 2011. The ship then will go ahead with a previously announced schedule of 12-night Hawaii cruises (April 10 and 22, 2011) and a full season of seven-night Alaska cruises departing from Seattle (beginning May 10, 2011).

Carnival says passengers who already have booked the Spirit’s previously announced schedule of eight-night Mexican Riviera cruises for the coming winter can switch to the new nine-day Mexican Riviera cruise at the same fare, re-book an alternate Carnival sailing and receive a $50 per person on-board credit; or cancel and receive a full refund.

Carnival’s announcement comes just four days after rival Royal Caribbean announced it would be pulling its only ship sailing to the Mexican Riviera — the 3,114-passenger Mariner of the Seas — out of the region in January.

Carnival, too, has been reducing capacity in the region. As previously announced, another Carnival ship that has been based in San Diego, the 2,052-passenger Carnival Elation, is leaving the city later this month.

Carnival also has two ships based year-round in the Los Angeles area: The 2,052-passenger Carnival Paradise and the 3,006-passenger Carnival Splendor.

Yeah… definitely going. Now I just need to find a pretty lady to take along for the ride…

Fantastic San Diego Movers!

san diego movers

Great San Diego Movers

So, one of my friends was moving from Poway to Escondido and needed some movers.  He asked me to help him find some, so I went to my favorite review site… YELP! Man, oh, man, do I love Yelp. I really need to start writing reviews on my Yelp account. Excellent resource.

Anyway. If you go to Yelp and search for movers in San Diego, you’ll immediately notice the listing for Priority Moving. They’ve got 29 reviews with a four and a half star rating! That’s awesome!

Let me tell you something… they were great! I don’t plan on moving soon, but when I do… Priority Moving will move me! Also… they’ve got a San Diego Movers blog. How about that. A moving company with a blog… weird. And! Priority Moving is on Twitter! Man… I love these guys.