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Floatopia in San Diego Might Be Killed!

san diego floatopia drinking ban This agression will not stand! Hell no! I can’t believe they are possibly going to ban offshore drinking and effectively kill the wonderful gathering of drunks known as Floatopia! Well… actually I can. The city council is full of idiots.

Via Associated Press:

San Diego’s City Council may let the air out of so-called "floatopia" parties where people booze it up on inner tubes offshore.

The council meets this afternoon to consider closing a loophole in the city’s ban on the beach use of alcohol.

Officials say people have been skirting the law by gathering by the thousands to party in Mission Bay on surfboards, inner tubes and other flotation devices.

Authorities say partygoers have left trash in the water and lifeguards have had to make dozens of rescuers.

The City Council will consider banning alcohol use offshore except for people on boats.

Surfing Dogs are Always Awesome

These dogs are freaking sweet! If I had a dog, I would totally teach it to do this. So rad!

Via Paw Print Post:

Surfing USA for dogs hit Imperial Beach again in San Diego over the weekend. Many of the dogs we introduced to readers in this surfing story attended the 5th annual Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog competition Saturday.

A screening of the Marmaduke movie followed. More than hundred guests and their dogs came to the screening, including many who competed in the competition earlier in the day.

Among them was George the Great Dane , the 200-pound dog who played Marmaduke in the film, and some of the winners of the Paw Print Post contest.

Ricochet and Kalani (as seen in the video) won the tandem competition. These litter mates are stars in the surf. Ric recovered from an injury just in time to partake in the event that was a charity event for the San Diego Police department canine unit.

Permanent Barrier for Seals Considered by City Council

harbor seal This sounds like a good idea to me. What kind of people taunt baby seals? Buncha jerks!

Via Mercury News:

The San Diego City Council must decide if a part-time barrier separating people from harbor seals at Children’s Pool in La Jolla should be maintained year-round.

Council members will consider the proposal Monday night in La Jolla. The proposal, which includes hiring a full-time park ranger for the cove, has been endorsed by a council committee and would require California Coastal Commission permits if approved.

The barrier is in place during pupping season from Dec. 15 to May 15. When the rope was removed over the weekend, some people were seen taunting the seals.

It is the latest in a decades-long struggle over use of the beach. The cove, created by a seawall in 1931 and donated to the state, was used as a children’s pool until the seals moved in during the 1990s.