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Brett Favre is a Douche Bag

So lame... so very lame...

So lame... so very lame...

Stupid Steelers. Bah! Anyway… Brett Favre. Yeah. I know this game has got nothing to do with the Chargers, but it’s exciting so… whatever. Yeah… I’ve never really like the guy, but he was (and kind of still is) a badass football player. I still can’t decide who I want to win tonight. Should be fun though!

Via SignOnSanDiego.Com:

Brett Favre’s presence in Minnesota Vikings’ purple galls most fans in Packers Nation. And the nausea level among Cheeseheads could be off the charts Monday night if Favre leads his latest team past the one he quarterbacked so successfully for so long.

Even worse for Packer backers is that a Minnesota win would put the Vikings at 4-0 and Green Bay at 2-2. With Chicago also in the mix in the suddenly potent NFC North, the Packers could be chasing two archrivals the rest of the season.

The only way this matchup could grab more headlines is if it took place at Lambeau Field. That won’t happen until Nov. 1. Still, there’s plenty of intrigue for a game that even ESPN can’t overhype.

Favre is the reason, of course. This is his chance to get back at an organization he epitomized for 16 seasons, but which he felt forced him to make a retirement decision before he was ready last year. That led to his dance in and out of retirement.

New Stadium for the Chargers!

Well it’s about time! I hope this rumor turns out to be true. If the new stadium is built where they say it is going to be built, it’ll be about 20 minutes closer to where I live. That just might be enough incentive for me to get season tickets. Good job, Chargers! Please please please come to North County! Here’s the latest news:

Via San Diego Entertainer Magazine:

The San Diego Chargers have long been rumored to be one of the teams that the suits in Los Angeles want to bring to LA. If the current rumors are true, the Chargers’ name can be scratched off the list of candidates.

The Entertainer sources have provided unconfirmed word that Oceanside and Escondido may be close to agreeing on constructing a stadium and mixed-use facility to help fund the stadium. The cities and the Chargers are supposedly in current discussions about forming a partnership that would help find enough room for the stadium and the mixed-use development that is necessary to help raise money for the stadium.

San Diego Chargers Owned The Raiders

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

We won! Hooray! It wasn’t pretty or easy… but we did it! Let’s just hope the Bolts don’t play like that the rest of the year. I really enjoyed, and agreed with, what John at Bolts From The Blue had to say about the game in his Bolts and Dolts column:

Well that certainly seemed a lot like 2008, didn’t it?  The defense didn’t show up until the second half, the offense didn’t look effective until the fourth quarter, but yet the team manages to squeak out a victory. It was ugly, it was jarring, but if the San Diego Chargers can come out and win 2 of their next 3 games against Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh, we’ll forget all about how close the team came to losing this one.

Let’s be honest though.  That was not the same Oakland Raiders team we are used to seeing.  With their offensive line pushing people around, and the defense knocking Chargers out of the game with injuries on seemingly every play, that looked more like a Bill Parcells coached football team.  Give credit to the Raiders and Tom Cable, who may ride that recipe for success to a competitive finish in the AFC West.

Another great site that graded different aspects of the game is the Silver and Black Report. Be sure to check it out. I really enjoyed reading it.