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Swedish Tourist Vanished Durign Jog in Escondido

swedish-flag Damn. Can’t even go on a freaking jog without being scared these days. What is this world coming to?

San Diego County authorities are searching for a Swedish tourist who vanished last week while jogging in a rural area near Escondido.

Dogs trained to find human remains will be used in Monday’s hunt for 33-year-old Reza Lavasani Dana.

A friend reported Dana missing on Thursday after losing track of Dana during a mile-long (1,600-meter) jog.

Dozens of people aided by search dogs scoured the area of Meadow Lake Country Club on Friday and Saturday.

Authorities say Dana had been in the U.S. about a week before he vanished and was not familiar with the Escondido area.

No Tour of California Bike Race for San Diego

NOT in San Diego.

NOT in San Diego.

This sucks. I actually went to this last year. Oh well. Good job, San Diego… you have finally pissed me off with your bureaucracy.

Via 10 News:

San Diego will not be a part of next year’s Tour of California cycling race, 10News reported.

The race drew thousands of spectators to Rancho Bernardo and Escondido last year, in large part due to the presence of cyclist Lance Armstrong.

However, tour organizers said it was too difficult to obtain the permits and services necessary to operate in the area.

The city of Escondido would have had to pay $200,000 to host the race, but the cost would have been offset by tourism spending.

New Stadium for the Chargers!

Well it’s about time! I hope this rumor turns out to be true. If the new stadium is built where they say it is going to be built, it’ll be about 20 minutes closer to where I live. That just might be enough incentive for me to get season tickets. Good job, Chargers! Please please please come to North County! Here’s the latest news:

Via San Diego Entertainer Magazine:

The San Diego Chargers have long been rumored to be one of the teams that the suits in Los Angeles want to bring to LA. If the current rumors are true, the Chargers’ name can be scratched off the list of candidates.

The Entertainer sources have provided unconfirmed word that Oceanside and Escondido may be close to agreeing on constructing a stadium and mixed-use facility to help fund the stadium. The cities and the Chargers are supposedly in current discussions about forming a partnership that would help find enough room for the stadium and the mixed-use development that is necessary to help raise money for the stadium.