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Whole Bunch of People Arrested in Downtown San Diego

down-town-san-diego-drug-bust Looks like the cops got 43 drug dealers. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean… the current drug dealers are pretty horrible. If we would only legalize all the drugs we could regulate the sale of drugs. It’s just like the alcohol ban. Mafia then… gangs and cartles now. Bah.

Via Mercury News:

San Diego police have arrested 43 individuals accused of dealing drugs in downtown neighborhoods.

The individuals are charged with felonies for selling rock cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in following a two-month sweep.

Police say some of the suspects are affiliated with street gangs, 14 are on active parole and 10 are on probation.

More details are expected from police on Monday.

282 People Arrested at Mexico Border

Take that!

Good for the cops! This is great


Via The Associated Press:

San Diego County sheriff’s officials say more than 280 people have been arrested in a crackdown on gangs and drug and human smuggling at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Sheriff Bill Gore said Monday that 24 documented gang members and eight gang associates have been booked on suspicion of various offenses following the two-day multi-agency operation called “Allied Shield.”

Gore says the operation focused on San Diego gangs allegedly involved in cross-border crime.

Officials say some of the arrests were for smuggling activities that were not gang-related and others were for outstanding warrants, parole violations, probation violations, suspected drunken driving and other offenses.

About 165 pounds of marijuana, 21 pounds of methamphetamine, six pounds of cocaine, heroin and weapons were also seized.

Hell yeah. Keepin’ us safe, guys and gals.