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Museum Trying to Obtain Space Shuttle

space-ship I’m not a huge fan of the museum, but this would definitely entice me enough to actually go check it out again.

Via Sign on San Diego:

The San Diego Air & Space Museum wants to snag one of the space shuttles that NASA is parting with.

As the saying goes, though, “Houston, we have a problem.” Actually, the museum faces several problems: The shuttle’s price tag is $29 million, and just a few years ago, the Balboa Park-based museum was operating in the red. The facility also isn’t big enough to house the shuttle, so the signature showpiece would have to be displayed somewhere else.

And competition for the orbiters is steep. About 20 other museums across the country, including ones in New York City and Los Angeles, are gunning for the three available shuttles.

Still …

“You have to throw your hat into the ring,” said Jim Kidrick, president and CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum. “It would be the cornerstone for something truly great. In my opinion, it’s better than the football stadium.”

Funding would have to come from people willing to bring something this special to San Diego, he said. A shuttle represents the best of humanity’s technology, he noted, and there are local residents who have amassed great fortunes thanks to their technological innovation. There also are aerospace companies with ties to San Diego that may be interested in helping.

Kidrick is forming a team that will work to spur interest and investment in the project. “We’re in the explorative stage,” he said.

Read the rest of the article about the space ship here.


Body World at SDNHM



A few days ago I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I went with my friend, Monte.

The exhibit was gross and almost made me hurl, but I loved it! I am so much more impressed by the human body now that I have experienced it in this way.  I’m pretty sure Monte hated it. Whatever. Screw him. It rocked. I love you, Gunther von Hagens. Best thing to do in San Diego right now.

So yeah… go check it out. The exhibit is leaving at the beginning of October, so you don’t have much time. I’m pretty sure they’re discounting tickets now. Whatever… they weren’t that expensive at full price anyway.