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82 Healthy Sea Turtles Hatched at SeaWorld

Baby Sea Turtle at SeaWorld in San Diego, California

Wittle babies!

Aw! Little baby sea turtles!

I don’t think people realize that SeaWorld actually helps animals in addition to using them for entertainment. Kudos to SeaWorld for this. Yippie!

Via SignOnSanDiego:

The population of endangered green sea turtles at SeaWorld in San Diego grew by 82 in October when the eggs hatched on Shipwreck Beach without human help.

There hasn’t been such happy turtle news at SeaWorld since 2003, when 21 sea turtles got an assist from park staff, said Tim Downing, assistant curator of fishes.

This time, the park let nature take its course and didn’t incubate the eggs. The babies started poking through their ping pong-sized eggs on Oct. 5. Since then, they have been getting a diet of squid, krill, shrimp and special pellets.

The birth of the baby turtles was announced Monday. Downing said they are in excellent health and should go on display at the park before the end of the year.

It will be up to the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine whether the new turtles stay at SeaWorld and whether they will allow the turtles to mate again next year, he said.


SeaWorld Sold to The Blackstone Group

I hope this is a good thing. Most people are saying this won’t hurt the park, but I have my doubts. SeaWorld just won’t be as cool now that it’s not being run by a beer company. Oh well.



Via The Examiner:

Anheuser-Busch InBev agreed to sell its 10 theme parks across the county, including SeaWorld in San Diego to the Blackstone Group.

Blackstone, the private equity firm will purchase all of the theme parks for $2.3 billion in cash and give AB InBev’s Busch Entertainment Corporation (BEC) the right to $400 million of Blackstone’s initial returns.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with a buyer who understand the industry and has a strategic vision for the business,” said AB InBev chief executive Carlos Brito. “We have great respect for BEC’s management and employees and know they will continue to prosper under Blackstone’s ownership.”

Blackstone said it plans to invest and grow the company.

Goodbye Dolphin Discovery

So long and thanks for all the fish

So long and thanks for all the fish

Oh no! Dolphin Discover at SeaWorld San Diego is going away:

Via Mercury News:

SAN DIEGO – SeaWorld San Diego’s long-running show “Dolphin Discovery” has ended.

The show concluded Monday to make way for a new show, “Blue Horizons,” set to open next May.

The marine animal park’s Dolphin Stadium will also be upgraded with 700 additional seats and a new sound system.

“Dolphin Discovery” debuted at SeaWorld San Diego in 1996, featuring lively bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

Park officials say “Blue Horizons” will feature birds, dolphins, whales, aerialists and high divers. They say the show has already gained fans at SeaWorld’s Orlando location since its debut in 2005.

Meh. It really is an outdated show. I’ve seen it more times than I can remember. Yes, it’s fun to watch… but really… it gets old. I’ve heard good things about this new Blue Horizons show though. I really like SeaWorld… I should go more often.

Here We Go!

Hey everyone! I’m Victor Veranga, and this is my brand new blog. Obviously, it’s about San Diego. Duh. But this blog isn’t going to be like all of the other San Diego themed blogs… this one is going to rock your fucking socks off! It is. I promise. I mean… come on… look at this:

Nature is beautiful.

Nature is beautiful.

Yeah… that’s a walrus. At Seaworld. I know… it’s awesome. I love SeaWorld. Yeah… some aspects of it are boring, but it’s got a whole bunch of rad stuff. The best being the Walruses… of course.