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Whole Bunch of People Arrested in Downtown San Diego

down-town-san-diego-drug-bust Looks like the cops got 43 drug dealers. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean… the current drug dealers are pretty horrible. If we would only legalize all the drugs we could regulate the sale of drugs. It’s just like the alcohol ban. Mafia then… gangs and cartles now. Bah.

Via Mercury News:

San Diego police have arrested 43 individuals accused of dealing drugs in downtown neighborhoods.

The individuals are charged with felonies for selling rock cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in following a two-month sweep.

Police say some of the suspects are affiliated with street gangs, 14 are on active parole and 10 are on probation.

More details are expected from police on Monday.


Padres Beat The Giants Because They Rock!

Hell yeah!

This is a great article about how ridiculously awesome the Padres are and how pathetic and crappy the Giants are. Bam!

Via Andrew Baggarly at San Jose Mercury News:

The Giants were not built to bludgeon opponents. There will be nights this season when a quality pitcher will make roadkill out of them.

Throw in struggling No. 5 starter Todd Wellemeyer and some of manager Bruce Bochy’s oft-lamented buzzard’s luck Wednesday afternoon, and it was practically impossible for the Giants to peel themselves off the asphalt.

Their 5-2 loss to Jon Garland and the Padres finished off a three-game sweep at Petco Park and a road trip in which they were flattened while losing five of six.

It wasn’t their day or their week. Now they have to prove it still could be their season. They’ll play host to the Cardinals, Phillies and Rockies — three of last year’s four NL playoff teams — on a nine-game homestand that begins Friday.

“We’ve been through this before,” Bochy said. “We have to show this is a tough and resilient club. This is not something we thought we’d go through. But we are, and we have to handle it.”

The Giants ceded first place to the Padres in the NL West, and the Giants’ chest-pounding confidence is gone after a roaring start.

Read the rest of the article here.

Boo yah suckers!