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San Diego Making Health a Priority

health This sounds like it’s going to be a great use of the money from the recovery act. Increasing the health of our citizens will help out with all kinds of things and being healthy is always a good thing.

Via California Healthline:

Bolstered by one of the largest American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants in the country, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in July approved a 10-year plan to improve the health of San Diegans.

Taking aim at childhood obesity and preventable deaths resulting from heart and respiratory conditions, diabetes and cancer, the county Health and Human Services Agency will implement policies to help communities improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce tobacco use. The $16.1 million dollar federal grant will support this effort.

Although the county’s public health overhaul is in line with the goals of the federal health reform law, plans were well under way here before it was clear that legislation would pass, according to HHSA Director Nick Macchione. Beginning in 2008, HHSA embarked on a two-year evaluation of public, physical and behavioral health to determine how "these three big areas tie together in terms of the total health of people we serve and the community," Macchione said. 

HHSA currently serves approximately 500,000 people annually through the combination of health and social services programs, making it one of the largest such agencies in the country.


San Diego Might Get a New Library

san-diego-library Let’s hope the city council approves this project. Our current library is just pathetic and we could really use an upgrade.


San Diego City Council will make what could be an historic decision Monday — they’ll vote on whether to go ahead with a new downtown library. Civic leaders have been talking about replacing the city’s central library for 30 years.

The current building is more then 50 years old. Library director Deborah Barrow says it’s too small and isn’t able to serve the needs of the diverse community that has grown around it in the past five decades.

Barrow says now more then ever, San Diego is relying on its libraries.

“In fiscal year 2009 San Diego public library reached its highest use ever in our 128 year history,” Barrows said.

The new library would cost $185 million and is a public-private venture. About $120 million would come from taxpayers, the other $60 million from private donations. So far, $30 million has been raised in the private sector.

San Diego Union Story (via Priority Moving)

I’ve used this moving company before and I really liked them. Wish they would update their blog more often though.

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via Priority Moving

Here We Go!

Hey everyone! I’m Victor Veranga, and this is my brand new blog. Obviously, it’s about San Diego. Duh. But this blog isn’t going to be like all of the other San Diego themed blogs… this one is going to rock your fucking socks off! It is. I promise. I mean… come on… look at this:

Nature is beautiful.

Nature is beautiful.

Yeah… that’s a walrus. At Seaworld. I know… it’s awesome. I love SeaWorld. Yeah… some aspects of it are boring, but it’s got a whole bunch of rad stuff. The best being the Walruses… of course.