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SDCC Considers Resolution Denouncing Racist SB1070

sb1070 racist immigration bill

Arizona is Racist

Please please please do it!!!

Via San Diego News Network:

The San Diego City Council Monday will consider a resolution denouncing an Arizona law that requires police to determine if detainees are in the country legally.

The resolution was requested by Council President Ben Hueso.

“This law will inevitably lead to racial profiling, in violation of the United States Constitution,” Hueso wrote in a memo to his council colleagues.

Similar resolutions are being considered in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Arizona law makes it state crime to be in the United States illegally.


San Diego Rally Against the Arizona Immigration Law

You suck!

How did I miss this?? I’ll have to go to the next one. There was this protest against racist Arizona and I had the day off. I really need to monitor Twitter more. Bah.

Via Examiner Phoenix:

About 40 people gathered at a rally in downtown San Diego voicing their dissenting view on the tough new Arizona illegal immigration issue signed into law on Friday.

Police on the scene commented that there were more media trucks and law enforcement at the “Boycott Arizona” evening rally than actual rally supporters. One of the officers on duty said, “Media must have been hoping there would be a large number of protesters like we had during the 2006 failed amnesty push.”

Approximately seven media trucks, seven police cars and SUVs, two fire trucks and one ambulance lined the street in front on the federal building along Front Street. There were no reports of any arrests and protesters were able to get their message out with only one counter-protester on the sidelines.

Rally attendees listened to speakers in English and Spanish talk about how racist Arizona’s new law is and the need to show support for the immigrant population throughout the country.

Many signs and Mexican flags sprinkled the crowd and the lone American flag captured the attention of passerby’s as there were many more Mexican flags waving in the air. Folks leaving the building after a long day at work didn’t appreciate the blatant disrespect for the American flag. “Why not support Americans?” asked John Leary of San Diego.

As far as the supporters point of view the rally was a chance to support the Latinos in the country, legally or illegally.

“I support Hispanic immigrants around the country and in Arizona. Because laws in other states affect us we need to make sure illegal immigrants liberties are not violated. I believe this new law infringes on the 4th Amendment and will lead to racial profiling,” said Leo Carrillo of San Diego. “This isn’t my first rally I have been to before and it’s important to let people know I support them.”

While there was only one counter-protester on the sidewalk, many people in cars driving by shouted “No amnesty, go home,” and there were cars that simply honked in support of illegal immigrants.

One thing is clear – this debate is not over.

I will never go to Arizona. Ever.

San Diego celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day


I love you, man.

There are way too many racists in San Diego. It’s not good at all. To combat this, I went a big rally for equality today. It was awesome. Yay for MLK!

Via 760AM:

San Diegans are celebrating the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with several events Monday.

The 22nd annual YWCA’s All People’s Breakfast at Golden Hall in downtown San Diego featured guest speakers, a gospel choir and dance performances.

This year’s theme was “Living the Dream.” Organizers say the event celebrates the accomplishments that have been made in the struggle for equality.

“I think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. solidified a movement that continues today and I’m happy to see that continue today. As I said, we do have more work to do, but I do believe we have made strides,” San Diego County YWCA CEO Heather Finlay said.

San Diegans also attended the United African American Ministerial Action Council’s 15th annual breakfast, held at the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center.

Several organizations held special events in honor of Dr. King’s birthday.

The San Diego Blood Bank held a drive to help raise awareness throughout the community about the lack of African-American blood and bone marrow donors.

Nearly 200 Kaiser Permanente employees helped sort and package food at the San Diego Food Bank, and American Red Cross and HOPE Worldwide helped distribute fire safety information to residents.