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Derren Brown Rocks!

Yikes! I have been a big fan of Derren Brown for a long time. He is a master illusionist and has revealed the secrets of conjurers, psychics, astrologists, and many other people who claim supernatural power. Well now he has gone and predicted the winning numbers of the National Lottery in the UK. Awesome. Apparently he is going to reveal how he did it in a few days. I can’t wait!

How did he DO that???

How did he DO that???

Via Daily Mail:

Derren Brown appeared to make history last night by successfully predicting the numbers of the National Lottery.

The illusionist seemingly wrote down the six winning balls of the Midweek Lotto Draw hours before they were randomly chosen by the machine.

He had written down his predictions on six white balls earlier in the day which were turned back to front from the audience.

He then watched the lottery draw on a TV screen and turned round his white balls to reveal they were exactly the same as his own numbers 2,11,23,28,25 and 39.

His incredible feat was broadcast from a small studio live on Channel 4 at the same time as the BBC1 screened its Midweek Lotto programme at 10.35pm dispelling any rumours that the show was prerecorded.