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It’s a Boy!

Wow… big news today! That cute little panda (see below) that was born about a month ago at the San Diego Zoo is a boy! Okay… maybe it isn’t BIG news. But it is news. Actually… the little thing is really freaking cute. Check it out:

"Gimme gimme gimme!" - Abba

"Gimme gimme gimme!" - Abba

Yep. I want one. Check out the press release:

Via The Associated Press

SAN DIEGO — The panda cub born at the San Diego Zoo nearly a month ago is a boy.

The zoo said the yet-to-be-named cub’s mother briefly left the den Thursday, allowing veterinarians to examine the 2.8-pound baby panda for the first time.

Senior zoo veterinarian Geoff Pye says the cub is healthy and starting to show its black-and-white markings. He says the cub has reached its “initial cute stage” and is “very roly poly.”

The tiny cub’s birth on Aug. 5 attracted so much traffic to the zoo’s Web site that the online Panda Cam camera feed crashed. The zoo’s blog also went down for a period.

Wow, 3 posts in and I’ve already got 2 about animals. Rad.